A.1. Release 4.0beta1

Thu Oct 5, 2017

repmgr 4.0 is an entirely new version of repmgr, providing many improvements together with some changes in the way it works. In particular changes have been made to some configuration file settings and command line options for consistency and clarity.

For detailed instructions on upgrading from repmgr 3.x, see Upgrading from repmgr 3.x.

Note: To standardise terminology, from this release primary is used to denote the read/write node in a streaming replication cluster. master is still accepted as an alias for repmgr commands (e.g. repmgr master register).

A.1.1. New command line options

A.1.2. Changed command line options



A.1.3. Configuration file changes

Required settings

The following 4 parameters are mandatory in repmgr.conf:

Renamed settings

Some settings have been renamed for clarity and consistency:

The following configuration file parameters have been renamed for consistency with other parameters (and conform to the pattern used by PostgreSQL itself, which uses the prefix log_ for logging parameters):

Removed settings

Logging changes

A.1.4. repmgrd

The `repmgr` shared library has been renamed from repmgr_funcs to repmgr, meaning shared_preload_libraries in postgresql.conf needs to be updated to the new name:

        shared_preload_libraries = 'repmgr'